We work with all our clients to put them on a success path.  We design our clients financial plans to mitigate risk and maximize opportunity. 

I like to tell my clients they need to think of working with their money the same way NASA prepares for a space flight.  NASA engineers do not design a rocket with a fuel tank that is just large enough to get the astronauts to the moon and back or with just the right amount of power to lift the rocket into space.  They use the finest materials, plan for many differing scenarios and build in multiple back-up plans...just in case.
Every space flight has reserve fuel supply, extra rocket thrust, afterburners for speed and efficiency, countless back-up computer programs and not just one engineer or scientist but a full team of engineers and scientist supporting it.   


Unfortunately, many people have financial plans that will not work and will not perform as they were intended.  They don't have enough fuel, they are not saving enough money.  They don't have enough power, the financial products they own do not perform well in and of themselves.  There are no afterburners for increased efficiency, the financial products that people own have no integration, and they are not coordinated.  As a result there is no synergy in their plan.  And,they don't have back-up contingency plans in case something goes horribly wrong,  disability, death, stock market declines, inflation, etc., etc.  Their plans are poorly designed from the get go and if anything goes the slightest off course their plans will fail.


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